Building an e-Learning Program

Building an e-Learning Program

Once you decide that e-learning can help solve some of your most pressing problems, you need to find the right partner to help you launch your program. Start by asking:

  • What content do you want to offer via e-learning?
  • How do you want to deliver that content to the people who need it?

In order to ensure the success of your e-learning program, you need to have good answers to both of these questions. You won't reap the full benefits of e-learning if you're not providing relevant, authoritative content that learners can access quickly and easily.

How do you do that? Ideally, you want a turnkey solution that delivers trusted content through a flexible, robust learning management system (LMS).

LMS Platform considerations: Your LMS needs to be easy to implement, easy to navigate and easy to manage. Administrators and end users have different needs; make sure you're satisfying both groups. Don't sacrifice flexible reporting capabilities for a powerful search tools to find a platform with all the functionality you need.


LMS Platform Checkist

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Researching LMS options? These questions will help you understand the crucial concerns and comparisons to consider when making your decision.


Content considerations: You want to give your employees learning that's current, concise, and compelling. Learning assets should align to the business problems you're trying to solve. Select materials based in proven instructional design methodologies to ensure your employees gain the knowledge and skills you expect them to get from the training.

Your content provider should be able to answer questions about how often courses are updated and how they ensure accuracy and currency. You don't want to invest in a training program only to find out your purchase remains status instead of being added to or updated.

You'll also want to make sure your learning provider they partner with leading authors, experts and publishers and, if you plan to use e-learning content to prepare your people for certification exams, such as IT, PMP, or HR certifications, you'll want to ask about pass rates.