Small to Medium Sized Businesses

How the SMB benefits from e-Learning?

e-Learning benefits for small-to-medium sized businesses extend to more than just flexibility and lower classroom costs. Understanding e-learning's value is crucial in deciding why, how and when your company should use it.

Managers of small-to-medium businesses simply can't afford to invest in costly training programs that can quickly become outdated. e-Learning solutions often provide the most current and relevant topic information as soon as it's available.

e-learning also delivers training programs with a degree of consistency instructor-led training can't match and allows you to train a greater number of employees across the organization simultaneously.

What's more, employees can easily incorporate e-learning into their daily work flow. Rather than sitting through an entire course or workshop, employees can access relevant training at the moment of need and quickly apply it on the job. What does that mean for your business? Higher levels of engagement, improved performance and higher retention rates.


Here are some other well-established benefits of e-learning:

  • Larger reach for fewer dollars. When you send an employee to classroom training, you're taking a one and done approach to learning. With e-learning, multiple employees have access to the same knowledge at any time, anywhere. Each time another employee interacts with an e-learning course, book, video, or other resource, your ROI improves.
  • Consistent quality. e-Learning allows you to standardize your training process and deliver a consistent experience. Even the best, most charismatic live instructors can have an off day—or questions can cut into session times so some content doesn't get covered. With e-learning, every learner sees the same content, presented the same way, every time.
  • Just-in-time problem-solving. When one of your employees encounters a work-stopping problem, would you rather have him sift through internet search results of dubious authority, or go straight to relevant answers from respected authors, publishers and experts? With on-demand access to e-learning content, employees can solve on-the-job problems in real time.
  • Better knowledge retention. The ability to revisit material for a quick refresher helps learners reinforce and retain what they have learned. Blending multiple learning modalities, like books, online courses and video helps reinforce important concepts and better connect with employees who learn in a variety of different ways.

e-Learning Benefit Resources for SMB: