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how they implement

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Stage-Gate benefits

Leading Firms Have Adopted Stage-Gate® Methods – 100% of the world’s top global 1000 innovators rely on a disciplined Stage-Gate® process to drive better performance results.

The Benefits of the Stage-Gate® System:

  • A roadmap or ‘playbook’ for the Project Leader – defines their duties & deliverables
  • Puts discipline into a somewhat ad-hoc, chaotic process
  • A visible process – known & understood by all
  • Forces more attention to quality of execution: the gates are the quality control check points
  • Makes for a complete process – no critical errors of omission; no missing steps
  • Cross-functional – inputs from all sides
    • At Project team level
    • At Gatekeeper level
  • A faster process via parallel processing: new product rugby

Gates of Stage-gate
Each stage is preceded by a Gate. Each Gate ‘opens’ or ‘closes’ the road for the project to move on to the next stage.
Gates are the quality control check points in the process.