Desktop Computer Skills


Organizations of every size and business model need desktop computer skills as a basic building block of success. Proficiency with desktop software increases productivity and facilitates better business results. By honing their desktop skills, your employees can create more effective spreadsheets, better reports and more dynamic presentations.

Comprehensive Desktop Skills Resources

SkillSoft's Desktop Skills Course Collection offers numerous resources to assist professionals who rely upon standard desktop applications. Our desktop solutions are ideal for day-to-day performance support, as well as supporting major corporate software migrations.


Desktop Skills Solution
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Computing Fundamentals
Internet Skills
Email & Groupware

Leading Instructional Design

SkillSoft's instructional design model includes careful consideration of content and target audience needs. The design of each SkillSoft course starts with the definition of learner-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. Frequent practice questions or exercises, along with assessments, measure learners' achievement of those objectives. The self-paced environment and unlimited access to instruction and assessment provide all learners with the opportunity to reach their desired level of mastery within each course.

Multi-Modal Resources

The Desktop Skills Course Collection includes an array of online courses and supporting resources including:

  • Online Courses — Our award-winning Desktop Computer Skills courseware library includes several hundred hours of interactive instruction on an industry-leading span of today's relevant desktop computer technologies.
  • Live Mentors — Live, online mentors are available to support leading desktop certification exams.