Leadership Development

Do you know if your managers are up to the job?

Today, more than ever, you can't afford bad managers. Bad managers have a very real effect on business, damaging employee morale and productivity. Over time, bad managers lead to the loss of key employees. However, you may be concerned about the cost of management and leadership training. Not to mention the time taken away from the job to attend classes. How can you ensure that all of your managers have the training they need to help you reach your business objectives?

With SkillSoft you can provide training to all managers, at every level.

SkillSoft helps companies of all sizes expand the scope and effectiveness of management and leadership training. Well-trained managers are a critical link in communicating your company’s vision, and they ensure productivity and commitment across the organization.


Our online training and support resources can be used stand-alone or in combination with other training initiatives to address needs at all levels:

  • New Managers: Courses and simulations to teach new skills and gain valuable practice
  • Experienced Managers: KnowledgeCenters on leadership and management bring together all of your training options in one place
  • Executives: ExecSummaries, Leadership Development Channel and ExecBlueprints bring the best thinking from business gurus and CEOs to your senior leaders
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