Vision / Mission / Values


A leading institute in the Baltic region, which:

  • Generates innovative and influential ideas on leadership, strategic & international management, corporate social responsibility and ethics;
  • Conducts research and provides training at the highest standards;
  • Educates and inspires leaders to build exemplary organizations continuously creating value for its shareholders, employees, corporate partners and society.


  • To develop moral, foresighted, creative and courageous leaders.


  • Integrity – conscientiousness, commitment to moral and intellectual virtues, respect for the longstanding values of Western culture, honor.
  • Creativity and innovation – unceasing exercise of the capacities of human intellect, constantly employing [making] it to respond to any challenge in a most unique and efficient way.
  • Courage - virtue indispensable for personal dignity, organizational and societal growth by implementing innovative ideas and ambitious strategies.
  • Respect, trust, and cooperation – it is through the respect of others, promotion of  mutual trust as well as the capacity to respond to human expectations and needs that one becomes a true leader.