Product Innovation Diagnostic Tool: PI-Assessor

PI-Assessor is this evaluation and diagnostic tool -an essential first step in as you take action to improve and revitalize your product innovation approaches & practices

PI-Assessor helps you zero in on specific problem areas that require attention. Find out how PI-Assessor can help you and your Business redefine the way you undertake product innovation.

That’s why so many leading companies have revitalized and re-invented their entire approach to product innovation:

  • Sharpened their innovation strategy to focus R&D efforts on the right strategic arena – the future engines of growth
  • Made their idea-to-launch or gating process more agile, flexible, faster and adaptive, and built in a number of new best practices
  • Adopted professional portfolio management – to pick the best projects and make the right R&D investment decisions
  • Improved their climate and culture for innovation
  • Adopted better ways to generate great new product ideas
  • And many others.


  • PI-Assessor helps you identify where you are weak in new products, where you are strong and what needs to be fixed.
  • PI-Assessor helps secure the active involvement – a shared view and buy-in – of key people in your business into needed changes in your product innovation efforts.
  • PI-Assessor represents a valid view of your business's strengths and weaknesses. Up to 20 knowledgeable, carefully-selected people take part in providing the survey and opinion data in your business.
  • PI-Assessor has high credibility and validity: It is based on the widely-published NewProd series of research studies, initiated and largely undertaken by Dr. R.G. Cooper, global guru in the field of product innovation