Robert G. Cooper

Dr. Robert G. Cooper
a world leading expert in the field of new product management

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Seminar with Robert Cooper

Winning at New Products and Services: Deciding your new product portfolio – making strategic choices and picking the winners

May 22-23, 2013  
Vilnius, Lithuania

MAIN TOPICS Day1. May 22:

  • Developing A Product Innovation Strategy for Your Business. A product innovation and technology strategy is fundamental to successful companies in product development – it establishes goals and provides direction, defines search fields, and helps validate projects.
  • Creating Breakthrough New Product Ideas. Feeding  the innovation funnel with superb ideas is key to new-product  success.
  • Picking The Right New Product Projects to Invest In. Creating great ideas is half the job; picking the right ones to invest in is equally important.

MAIN TOPICS Day2. May 23:

  • Achieving Superior NPD Performance Results: Critical Success Drivers. Learn what separates the best performers the rest. Gain insights into the four most powerful drivers of new product profitability. How to really drive new products to market quickly and successfully.
  • A World-Class Idea-to-Launch NPD Process – A Stage-Gate® System For Your Business. Almost every world-class business has implemented an effective idea-to-launch process such as Stage-Gate to drive their new product projects to market.
  • Building a Robust Business Case – Doing the Front End Homework & Building In the Voice of Customer. The key differences between winning and losing, lie in the first thirst of the projects – the fuzzy front end. But most project teams do a poor job on the early phases of a development project – their homework is weak, they don’t seek voice-of-customer input, and they fail to build a solid business case.

One day seminar: 2200 Lt +PVM (EUR 650 + VAT)
Two day seminar: 3900 Lt +PVM (EUR 1130 + VAT)
Fee includes one (or two) day seminar, coffee break drinks and snacks, lunch, hand-outs and participant’s diploma.

mobile: +370 620 22064

Registration is completed once the invoice is paid.
Prepaid registrations can be cancelled by May 8, 2013 and will be refunded, except for the 10% administration fee.
No refunds will be made for cancellations after May 8, 2013.
If you are not able to attend the seminar, your collegue can attend  instead of you at no additional charge.

Seminar language is english.